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Removable Specialized Mixer Arms

One of the most remarkable features on the Soroto range of Forced Action Mixers has to be the incorporation of 3 to 4 mixer arms.

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Low Power Consumption

One of the major problems that the founder of Soroto wanted to fix was the fact that all mixers run on three phase electricity; which was not always available.

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Can mix mortar for all purposes

Concrete with aggregate

Easy to clean

Easy to transport

All Soroto cement mixers are flexible and are able to mix concrete, cement, tilers screed and mortar within minutes!


The machine can mix all materials ranging from sand and cement to self-level epoxies and concrete. It is only the Soroto Mortar Mixer that will ensure an even and homogeneous mix of cement and polymer based materials to enhance an effective and efficient construction.

The mixer is light in weight and therefore makes it easy and convenient to move from one place to another. It is able to roll easily through doors, unlike other mixers where they are clumsy and their movement is restricted. This will give you the chance to enjoy an even and high quality mix even inside buildings where other mixers cannot reach. The mixer is easy to operate and handle, giving a chance to everybody to use the machine without any difficulty. 

The Soroto Mixer whether its the 40l, 80l,100l,120l,300l is able to come up with a high quality mix of various products that will ensure a strong end product. The best thing with every building is to ensure an even mix that will lead to a strong structure and the soroto mixer effectively delivers these. It can mix the following products:



  • It is a fast concrete and cement mixer where it takes only 3-4 minutes to come up with a perfect and ideal mix.

  • The machine is easy to clean and maintain. It has removable paddles that don’t require any tool to remove them, making its cleaning easy.

  • The cement mixer by Soroto is easy to transport from one place to another. It can be easily loaded on to a car or truck with the help of small wheels that the mixer has.

  • The machine has rubber straps which ensure the charging hopper is safe and secure while the machine is on transit.

  • Soroto Electric concrete mixer has a safety switch which is activated when the lid is lifted, and the mixer can only be started again by manually pressing the start button. This  ensures the safety of the operators, materials and the machine.

  • If one paddle wears out, there is no need to replace all. You can replace one and the machine will still function at its best, saving greatly on cost.

  • Smaus offers the best deals on Soroto Mortar Mixers that will redefine your mortar mixing needs. Buy the mortar mixer online today and enjoy an unmatched, quality and fast mortar mixing. 

Types of Cement used in the Building Industry
Now that you’ve taken on yet another construction project, you’re no doubt realizing just how many different types of building materials there are. From sand to stone, finishings to accessories, there’s more than one way to get things done. However, getting the cement type right is perhaps the most crucial element of any construction. Get it wrong, and you could be looking at a potentially hazardous situation. This segment aims to educate on all the different cement types, their properties, uses, and the only mixer worth trusting with your mix.

Gray Ordinary Portland Cement

Introducing the most popular type of cement, ordinary Portland is a high quality, and incredibly cost effective building material comprised mainly of clinker. This type meets all the applicable physical and chemical requirements; making it widely popular in virtually all construction segments including residential, industrial, commercial and public infrastructure. In addition to ordinary gray cement, there are plenty of other types and varieties of the stuff.

Acid Resistance Cement

Consisting primarily of acid resistance aggregates like quartzite and other additives, this type of cement is used for acid and heat resistant coating insulations. This variety is popular in chemical industries that deal with extremely corrosive or hot materials that could damage ordinary surfaces.

Blast Furnace Cement

As the name suggests, this cement type is obtained from slag in blast furnaces during the manufacture of pig iron. Typically, it contains all the basic elements of cement such as lime, silica, and alumina. Blast furnace cement is pretty much the same as ordinary cement, but the use of slag which is a waste product makes it far more economical.

Colored Cement

This type of cement is obtained by intimately mixing several mineral pigments with ordinary cement. Materials such as Chromium oxide give a wide range of colors such as brown, red and yellow. Colored cements are ideal for finishing windows, floors, artificial marble and other external surfaces.

Expanding Cement

Expanding cement is made by adding expanding mediums such as sulpho-aluminate and a stabilizing agent to ordinary cement. Whereas ordinary cement shrinks, this type does the opposite and expands. It’s ideal for repairing damaged concrete surfaces as well as in the construction of water retaining structures.

Hydrophobic Cement

This is a type of cement infused with admixtures such as oxidized petrolatum and acidol napthene soap that decrease the wetting ability of the cement grains. Hydrophobic cement is used to considerably improve the frost and water resistance of concrete.

Low Heat Cement

Did you know that a considerable amount of heat is produced when cement is setting? In an effort to reduce the heat, some contractors use low heat cement. This type is primarily used for mass concrete works since it processes far less compressor strength.

Quick Setting Cement

Quick setting cement is manufactured by adding a percentage of aluminum sulphate to ordinary cement to help accelerate the setting action. As the name suggests, this cement type really dries quickly; it typically hardens in less than 30 minutes. So make sure all the mixing and placing operations are well done before then.

White Cement

Here’s another variety of ordinary cement that is also prepared from raw materials. However, the materials used to make white cement are practically free from chromium, manganese, or any coloring oxides. Similarly, this type is also burned using oil fuel as opposed to coal. White cement is ideal for plaster works, floor finish and ornamental works.

Final Word

There you have it; all the different types of cement laid down for you to pick out. But no matter what cement, aggregates or any other building materials you want to mix, you’ll need a Soroto cement mixer to do the job. Not only are Soroto forced action mixers portable enough to take anywhere, but they also offer a perfectly homogenous mix with minimal air entrapment. Get your mixer today and see for yourself why every construction site has Soroto helping them out.

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