About Us

A Family History – Soroto Mixers How it all Started!


We started our building company in Denmark in 1972 and ran it until the Leerbergs ( Jep, Pia, Peter and Nicolai ) migrated to Australia in 1981.

All born in Denmark. In Australia we founded our building company.

Jep has a builders licence. As we needed a reliable and first class mixer and could not get it in Australia we turned to SoRoTo in Denmark and had the first one sent out in 1998. Shortly thereafter we  started to import them for selling to tilers.

So now we have two companies: Jep Leerberg & Partners selling the SoRoTo Mixers and Leerberg Tiling Pty Ltd in the tiling business. Until recently both Peter and Nicolai were working with us in the businesses. Nicolai has now moved on to enhance his development in the building industry.

We have visited Soroto in Denmark several times to learn as much as possible about the mixers and it does help to be able to speak to them in their own language to minimise any misunderstanding.

We have gained so much experience in all aspects of Soroto Mixers giving us the ability of being able to repair and service all mixers we sell.