Tilers Screed Mixers

Top Tilers Screed Mixers

W hen it comes to construction techniques, not many can boast of the speed and convenience that screeding offers. Screeding is simply the act of applying a well-blended mix of cement, sand, water and graded aggregates to a floor base. It’s done with the aim of forming a sturdy and robust sub floor that is not only capable of taking on the final finish, but also act as the final wearing surface.

But as simple as this process might sound; there’s a whole lot more that goes to screeding than just trowelling around a little cement and sand mixture. Get even a small part of the process wrong, and you could be looking at poor quality screed that could be an expensive project to revive and repair. Well laid screed not only extends the life of your floor, but it also makes for some lovely, uniform aesthetics. So, how exactly do you make sure that you get the best results from your project? Stick around and find out exactly how to achieve the perfect tilers screed mix.

Essential Steps to Get your Tilers Screed Right

Generally, there are four key steps to getting your screeding right. These include:

-The right ingredients

-The right equipment

-The proper mixing process

-The right screed protection measures

However, we’ll be looking at the most important step today – getting the right equipment.

Choosing the Best Tilers Screed Mixers in Australia

To get a perfectly homogenous mix that is blended in just the right way using just the right proportions, then you need a mixer made just for the job. The good news is that there is a myriad of excellent screed and cement mixers to choose from. But it’s also the bad news since the endless list tends to confuse most new users. So instead of boring you with all with hundreds of reviews and products, why not go straight to the source? Here’s a breakdown of all the leading brands and companies for screed mixers.

Top 3 Best Cement and Screed Mixer Brands

3: Cesco Australia Limited

Introducing the leading supplier of screed and concrete mixers in Australia, Cesco ltd is among one of the top brands in the construction industry. Since their humble inception about half a century ago, the Cesco Engineering team has been leading the way in the manufacture and design of concrete mixers. Today, the company remains committed to innovation and continued development using their ISO 9001 quality endorsed systems. Their most exceptional innovation of this century however has been their technological advancements and enhancements in the drums and barrels that allow for an even more homogenoue mix.

2: Brickstorm AU

When it comes to cement and tiler screed mixers, not many brands can boast of the simplicity and affordability of Brickstorm. This brand has been around for quite a while, and they’ve got the customer base to prove it. Since the company first came into the scene back in 2003 with their heavy duty cement mixer, it’s been leaps and bounds from there. Brickstorm mixers are not only known for their lightweight yet durable construction, but they’re versatile enough to mix your screed, mortar, stucco, cement, and concrete as well. So whether you’re starting out a building site construction or working in your backyard, Brickstorm has just the right sized mixers to help you work quickly and efficiently. However, some of the models might be overwhelmed by large scale projects, so keep it small.

1: Soroto

Introducing what is hands down the best brand for any and everything to do with aggregate mixing, Soroto easily tops any list out there. Apart from laying the groundwork for a design that almost every other forced action mixer company on the planet uses, Soroto’s products seem to be getting better with every release. But what exactly makes their screed mixers so insanely popular?

Well, it could be the fact that they come in a wide range of sizes for different jobs. Or maybe it’s their clever design and accessories that make your work twice as easy. Either way, no other company has been able to combine quality, reliability, mobility, speed, compactness, and lightweight construction with all the strong points of larger forced action mixers like Soroto. Whether you’re looking for a small mixer to work on indoor screeding and renovation jobs or want something larger to help complete a massive industrial flooring project, Soroto lets you choose from 40-litre capacity all the way to a whopping 300 litres. But don’t take my word for it; get your own Soroto tilers screed mixer today and see for yourself what the hype’s all about.