Whats Hot In Tiles 2017

What is hot in Tiles in 2017


On a recent trip to Portugal, I was blown away by the beauty of the eye-pleasing blue-and-white tiles that decorate not only the interior, but the exterior of many buildings there. This style of tile, originally found in Holland, was introduced into Portugal by the Spanish artist Gabriel del Barco Y Minusca in the 17th century. Tasteful, retro but on trend, these tiles known as Azulejo are likely to be the hipster favourite for 2017. They complement a contemporary bathroom with a touch of class.


Travertine is not just figuratively hot; it is a limestone created literally in the depths of hot springs. The mixing of its minerals at formation produce one-of-a-kind designs. What better way to express your unique personality than with a travertine floor tile underfoot!

Wood Look

Wood is synonymous for many people with warmth and cosiness. It is not surprising then that one of the hippest tiles in 2017 is the Wood Look, which comes in both ceramic and porcelain. With this you have the best of both worlds: a tile that mimics the warmth of wood while offering the durability of tile.


Tiles don’t need to be square. With a look that is reminiscent of the Arabian Nights, Arabesque is definitely in vogue. With gentle geometric lines and a finish that unifies a bathroom, you will want to go the extra mile and choose elegant tap fixtures. For more great ideas, check out here.

Pebbles and Stone Mosaic tile

Remember paddling in a river as a child? There is a touch of nostalgia to these mosaic tiles that take the natural beauty of a river bed and bring it indoors. These tiles will suit those who like their tiles a little more tactile, but natural looking.

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In many contemporary homes, there is so much emphasis on bright and light that it can feel a bit clinical. There is nothing like slate to shake things up and offer a refreshing contrast in the colour palette of room, whether that be in the bathroom or kitchen. Slate doesn’t just come in gray, but in a surprising spectrum of colours including copper, red, tan and black.


Brick, while not technically a tile, is the material of choice for those jaded by the same old tile. It offers a tactile and quirky finish. Your room takes on a beautiful-without-even-trying look. Your neighbour may have cast an inquisitive eye at the SoRoTo cement mixer out the back but they suspect nothing. Your back-to-basics, shabby chic room looks like it has magically emerged out of the ether without you bending a finger. You shrug as if to say “it just happened!” Add a big copper or porcelain bath tub and you have earned a lifetime of kudos.

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Beveled Subway Tile

With the architectural lines of brick and the texture of glossy ceramic, in the right hands this is both tastefully traditional and incredibly contemporary. This is underground, the Jam and the Queen all wrapped up in one: elegant but edgy, this is the London look.


For a bespoke-looking sink area in a bathroom or kitchen, nothing comes close to the elegant colors of marble. With a clean and classical finish, it is true to say the beauty of marble never fades.


Another great choice for the kitchen or bathroom floor is the granite floor tile. Granite comes from cooled magma and is known for its durability and attractive finish. It comes in a range of rich colors. Due to its natural strength, it is resistant to scratching and staining making it a great choice for any floor area, especially one trudged by a family of kids just in from the garden.

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Whether you go for polished or matt porcelain tiles, they generally offer a more durable alternative to ceramic tiles. They look anywhere in the house, whether on walls or floors. If you fancy a bit of French elegance and sophistication, then French Style Patterned Tiles may what you are looking for in 2017. Or you could go for the warmth and understated allure of Tuscan Terracotta Effect tiles. Add them to a study with an old bookcase and a Persian rug, and you have got yourself quite a room to write the next bestseller.