soroto 120 litre cement mortar mixer
Soroto Mixer 120 Litres
March 14, 2017
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Soroto Mixer 100 Litres

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There are times when people have to to work a bit more faster than usual. So if you’re one of those contractors looking to get more action out of your equipment, it’s time to kick your construction into high gear with the Soroto 100L mortar mixer. This is the drum you use when you know that no amount of wheelbarrow and bucket mixing will get the job done. This particular drum can churn out a whopping 100 litres of super fine mortar and concrete in just a matter of minutes.

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What Are You Buying?

The 100-litre mixer from Soroto is the very first model in their larger capacity units, making it the largest, most mobile machine. For those of you backyard warriors and indoor renovators who are worried about the sheer size of this thing, it’s actually more portable than you think. For starters, the 100 Litre screed mixer is 98 Kg in weight, making it only 10 Kg heavier than the previous model. This means that it is very flexible and easy to move around without requiring any help. Similarly, the use of larger wheels means that you can pull the mortar mixer over rough terrain without spilling your mixture. Depending on where you want to discharge your mix, you can use the hatch at the bottom of the drum or just tilt the drum to the side thanks to the adjustable telescopic legs.

Other Top Soroto Mixer Features Include:

High Performance

If we cast our attention to the actual performance of the 100 litre Soroto mixer, it’s easy to see where the extra strength and size come in. Thanks to the larger capacity, users can expect extremely quality results even with particularly tough mixing compounds. Whether you are just mixing some cement mortar for your pavement or specialist’s tilers creed for more professional projects, this mortar mixer will work three times harder than any of your men and still go everywhere that they can.

More Paddles

As you would expect, a larger mixing drum requires more mixing paddles. The 100 Litre mortar mixer comes with 4 paddles that give you better results in just a fraction of the time. The paddles can also be individually detached for easier cleaning and replacement in case of damage. One attribute that you will not find in smaller screed mixers is rubber paddles. Fortunately, the 100 L mixer incorporates optional rubber paddles that make it safer and easier to mix larger and tougher aggregate.
Final Word
Bigger, meaner, but still highly portable, the 100 Litre tilers screed mixer will feel right at home in medium to larger building projects. With all the capacity that professional need and portability that backyard warriors love, it’s a machine that will stick with you to the very end.

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 80 x 60 x 106 cm