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March 11, 2017
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March 14, 2017
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Soroto Mixer 120 Litres

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Without a doubt, the 120 litre mortar mixer from Soroto is the biggest, heaviest and largest capacity forced action mixer on the planet that still runs on single phase voltage.

This particular model pushed the founder’s limits to levels of performance and portability that were never thought of before.

With its massive 120 L drum and as much portability as the lighter, smaller versions from Soroto, this is a truly unique model for serious contractors. So instead of having to rent or overwork a small unit, the bigger drum lets you work faster and more efficiently. The 120 L cement mixer is definitely the perfect combination of massive stature and powerful performance; all neatly packaged in a highly mobile frame.

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Features of the 120 L Soroto Mixer

What Are You Buying?

There’s a huge difference between undertaking a small, DIY project with a wheelbarrow as your only mixing tool and trying to erect an entire building from the ground up. If you consider yourself a serious mason who wants to give your building site a bit more speed and professionalism, then the 120 Litre Soroto mixer is what you need to be looking at.

Larger Capacity Mixing

You get more than adequate mixing capacity without all the additional weight of a larger screed mixer. However, the 120L midway masterpiece is quite hefty and tips the scales at 105 Kg. But this is still simple and light enough for only one person to move around and operate. After all, the frame is fitted with some generously sized wheels for more mobility. Getting this bad boy on the truck is going to a tad demanding. If you plan to regularly load and offload the 120L mixer on and off a vehicle, an extra pair of hands on deck won’t hurt so bad. As for the size, you can wiggle the massive drum through a regular doorway without any issues. This means that your workers won’t have to break their backs hauling buckets of heavy concrete upstairs.

Powerful Mixing

When it comes to performance, the colossal mixing drum might as well be mixing a couple litres of water. Even while fully loaded with about 120 Litres of concrete and mortar, this bad boy still maintains a very high rate of revolutions per minute. This means perfectly homogenous mixes for mortar, cement concrete, specialist’s screed and other self-level epoxies without even the slightest case of air entrapment. All you have to do is put your mixing materials in, turn the machine on, wait for about 5 minutes, and you got yourself 120 litres of perfectly blended mix.

Final Word
Larger mixing capacity, super portable and very powerful; the Soroto 120 L tiler’s screed mixer is the ideal model for major construction projects. Even with the larger size, users still get all the portable features they are used to. This includes telescopic legs, rubber straps and wheels on the handles for easier tipping and loading.

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Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 95 x 72 x 118 cm