soroto mixer 80 litres mixing cement
Soroto Mixer 80 Litres
March 14, 2017
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Soroto Mixer 40 Litres

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Nothing beats the 40 Litre Mixer version from Soroto when it comes to true portability



Aside from being one of the smallest units in the industry, there’s quite a unique history behind it. Back in the 80’s, a Danish contractor called Benny Andersen set out to find the perfect mixer.

He wanted a small forced action mixer he could use for indoor jobs such as concrete repairs, laying floors, tile fixing, and some ordinary brick laying. He also wanted something light enough for one man to move through stairs and doors and versatile enough to run on the widely available single phase electricity. Unfortunately, everything at the time was heavy, cumbersome and incredibly awkward to move. And thus began his journey to design and create the pioneering mixer that paved the way for all modern portable forced action mixers – the Soroto 40 litre Mixer.

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What Are You Buying?

The Soroto 40 Litre mixer is the first ever model that dismissed all known mixer designs at the time. Combining speed, quality, reliability and all the advantages of heavy duty construction equipment with a never seen before mobility and compactness, the smallest mixer from Soroto has only gotten better with time.

Ultimate Soroto Mixing Portability

What really draws people to the smaller unit is the fact that it is flexible enough to take anywhere in your home or worksite. At only 64 Kg, it’s actually small enough for a single man (or woman) to transport it several floors up a building and even load and offload it without needing any help. Combine all that with the simple fact that it runs on single phase electricity (with enough power left for tougher mixing jobs), and you have a mini mixer that will go virtually anywhere.

Superior Small Paddle Soroto Mixing

The original range of Soroto mixers has been setting the standards for small paddle mixers all over the world. Many have tried to make similar mixers, but none can truly surpass the patented paddles found in the 40 Litre mixer. Aside from being much easier to handle, the mixing capabilities are quite something to behold.

Just like the larger models, the 40 l. version also packs an incredible punch with 30 revolutions per minute and 230V at .75Kw. However, we have to face the obvious truth. At only 40 litres mixing capacity on the drum, this tiny model is only suitable for small scale construction projects such as laying floors and fixing tiles. Fortunately, Soroto made sure that the quality of your mix is consistent all through their different models. From the largest, 300 litre model to our miniature 40 litre version, users are guaranteed of a well-done mix with absolutely no air entrapment.

Final Word

Small, flexible, light, powerful and still packed with all the fancy feature and accessories that contractors have come to love, the soroto 40 litre mixer is the perfect tool for small scale mix and repair projects. If you’re looking to become your very own backyard warrior for the small yet necessary home repairs, then the 40 litre forced action mixer from Soroto is your new best friend.

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