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Soroto Mixer 80 Litres

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 The 80 Litre Soroto mixer – One of our most Popular Sellers!





I more than ideal for backyard projects as well as erecting entire structures from the ground up.


This is among the reasons why it is widely preferred by contractors and workers doing small to medium construction tasks. With a larger than average mixing capacity and all the portable features you need, this tillers screed mixer will get the job done twice as fast.

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What Are You Buying?

Let’s get to the specifications for our more experienced work force. The Soroto 80 Liter mortar mixer weighs in at a measly 88 Kg. This means that all it requires is one person to move and operate it. As usual, the total capacity for the 80L is actually 81 Litres, but professionals know that you need to leave out about a litre for optimum mixing capacity. As for the power, it operates at 230 V and 1.1 kW.

One thing that you definitely have to love about the 80 Litre mortar mixer is its ability to mow through a full load of mortar without slowing down. Even while fully packed with over 80L of tilers screed, the large capacity drum still manages to keep up with 30 revolutions per minute. This means that all your sand, cement, and epoxies can be mixed to perfect homogenous levels. The drum design has the added benefit of allowing zero air entrapment. So you get even more efficient results as well as solid, durable and high-quality construction. This is one of the reasons why the Soroto 80L mortar mixer is as versatile as they come.

Other Features of the Soroto 80L Mixer

Removable Mixer Arms

After mixing up a whole batch of mortar and screed, the real question now becomes who will clean the damn mixer. The Soroto mixer makes this process very easy by allowing you to remove each individual arm and clean it separately. Not only does this leave the drum open for more natural cleaning, but users can replace individual mixing arms in case one gets damaged.

Adjustable Legs

It doesn’t matter if you are mixing 80 litres of screed or going for 300 Litres; it’s all got to be discharged at one point or another. The adjustable, telescopic legs can be lowered or raised for instant discharge into the collection bucket. No elbow grease required.

Final Word

Apart from getting far more capacity to work with than Soroto’s smaller models, the 80 Litre tilers screed mixer actually improves the speed and quality of your final mix. No matter the size of the project or the levels of portability required, this model is the ideal tool for the job.

Additional information
Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 75 x 60 x 106 cm