Soroto Cement Mixers

W idely used in the construction industry, and by homeowners alike. Most concrete cement mixers can handle a wide range of materials including lime, gravel and sand. A cement mixer features a rotating barrel, a motor which rotates the barrel and a handle that the operator uses to shift the barrel's position.
Whether you are a homeowner who uses a cement mixer on a small scale or a building contractor who uses a concrete mixer on a large scale there are factors that you need to consider before you buy one. This is because cement mixers on the market differ in pricing, capacity, and portability among other factors. Here are the major factors that you should consider when shopping for a Soroto.


If you are a homeowner or casual mortar mixer, you do not need a very powerful Soroto to cater for your needs. However, since the motor dictates how fast the job will get done a fast mixture will be great when speed is essential. A Soroto Electric mixer that operates at high speed is always preferred as it produces a homogeneous mix. Its Powerful, Efficient and Fast.


Your mixing needs determine whether you need a portable or a stationary cement mixing machine. For instance, if you are working over extended areas such as roads and footpaths you will need a highly portable Soroto to make work easier. Most portable concrete mixers are usually light and small so that they can be carried around easily. In fact, some of the compact mortar mixers are referred to as mobile cement mixers since they are very light and easy to transport.
Stationary mixers, on the other hand, tend to be bigger, and bulkier thus cannot be moved around easily. However, stationary mixers usually have a high capacity which makes them perfect for jobs involving large quantities at a time.


Size a crucial factor you should consider when buying a concrete mixer depending on the nature of your work. If you buy a small mixing machine for large scale jobs, then it will make things difficult. Using a large mixing machine for small jobs makes them even more tiring than they were supposed to be. It is therefore highly recommended that you determine your current and possible future mixing needs so that you can buy the perfect cement mixer for your job.

Cement mixing is a common chore that almost each and every person will have to perform at some point in life whether it is repairing those pot holes on your driveway or  that fence post. With a perfect Soroto cement mixer, these tasks will look more like fun than work.


Soroto 80 Litre Mixer

soroto mixer 80 litres mixing cement

Soroto 120 Litre Mixer

soroto 120 litre cement mortar mixer

Soroto 100 Litre Mixer

soroto mixer image of a 100 litre capacity