Soroto Mixer 120l

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Advantages not to be ignored include:

Easy removable system for replacement of individually worn paddles

Quick adjust telescopic legs for easy discharge

Rubber straps for secure transportation

Wheels on handles for easy tipping into the truck


The soroto 120lt Forced Action Cement Screed Mixer

I s without question the largest forced action mixer in the world that still runs on single phase voltage (110/240).

Since Soroto was founded,

the CEO’s aim to

produce portable yet practical machines was reinforced by this masterpiece.

A much larger drum

Easy Handling

and all the portability you would expect in a Soroto mixer, The 120 L. Forced Action Mixer is truly a masterpiece on its own. The ideal blend between a humongous stature and power efficient operation embodied in a sleek, mobile yellow frame.

Since the midway masterpiece has a capacity of 120 L in the drum, you can expect it to weigh some generous Kgs. The soroto 120 L. Forced Action Mixer tips the scale at 105 Kgs which is still easy enough for one guy to handle the operation. However, you may want some extra hands on deck when loading this bad boy. Fortunately, the largest single-phase voltage paddle mixer on the planet has an ergonomic frame for easy handling despite the larger dimensions. One of the reasons why the Soroto 120 L. Forced Action Mixer is a crowd favourite is that users can still manage to wiggle it through their doorways. No more unnecessary heavy hauling for your guys.

When it comes to sheer performance, you can expect nothing short of a perfect homogeneous mix. That’s because of the high revolutions per minute which ensure that in addition to no air entrapment, your materials are thoroughly mixed for high-quality results. All it takes is about 3 to 5 minutes, and you have yourself 120 ltrs of mix so fine it could build a palace. Of course, the paddles can be removed later on for cleaning and storage to make work much easier.