Soroto Mixer 300l

When Soroto founder Benny Andersen set about to build a portable, efficient forced action mixer, he never guessed the company would grow so large. Today, it’s become so huge that it can afford to release some of the larger mixers with capacities of up to 300 litres. Aptly termed as Jumbo, the Soroto 300 L. Forced Action Mixer is quite the sight t behold. Trying to squeeze in as much portability as possible, without sacrificing the capacity, the Soroto 300 L. Forced Action Mixer is indeed a marvel, a crowning achievement.

So, what powers this powerhouse? The Soroto 300 L. Forced Action Mixer runs on 400 volts to guarantee that you generate enough power to mix even the toughest ingredients without any trouble. While the 200 L also has the option of installing an outlet, the soroto 300 L. Forced Action Mixer is the only one in the market that comes with a built-in outlet for use with site lamps, conveyor belts, vacuum cleaners and any other power tools you may require.

Much like it’s smaller counterpart, the Soroto 300 L. Forced Action Mixer also manages to remain as portable as it is hulking. Sure, you still won’t be able to maneuver it like the 100L version (it is three times heavier after all). However, Soroto made all the necessary inclusions in the design to keep things as mobile as possible. This includes adding to the wheel count with three robust detachable wheels for easy motion. If you prefer not to push it around, there’s a tow part to attach it to your vehicle. Similarly, larger construction sites with cranes will be able to hook it up and move it around. Just keep in mind that you’re lugging over 280 Kg of pure weight behind you.

Desirable Features Include:
-Telescopic legs for easy adjustment on working height
-400 volts protective motor switch
-Built in 230 V outlet
-Easily detached mixing arms for cleaning and creating room
-Three detachable wheels