Soroto Mixer 40l

Quick Facts

1Smallest Mixer
2Easy to move

the smallest mixer from the company, the Soroto 40 L. Forced Action Mixer is designed for those smaller, DIY indoor renovations and backyard projects. While your bulky, traditional forced action mixer barely makes it through your front gate, this little fella rolls easier through the door than your baby’s pram. Speaking of the baby of the family, Soroto takes great pride in their own tiny mixer which is flexible enough to take anywhere in your home or worksite.

However, don’t be fooled by the small stature of the 40L mixer from Soroto; it packs just about as much punch and features as any other larger mixer. In addition to being easier to handle and transport, this mini powerhouse guarantees that air entrapment is kept to a slight minimum. That means that cement and other polymer based materials are able to achieve a perfectly homogenous mix.

Additional features on the Soroto 40 L. forced action mixer include specialized arms that allow it to mix a barrage of materials from coarse building sand and soft cement all the way to self-level epoxies. All it takes is about five minutes, and the ideal mix is easily discharged through a mixer gate conveniently located at the bottom of the drum. After you’re done mixing, cleaning up is a breeze since the mixing arms can be removed, cleaned and stored separately.

If you want to skip out the whole carry your concrete with buckets’ phase, the Soroto 40 L. Forced Action Mixer is precisely what you need. Instead of lugging around buckets on buckets of heavy gravel filled, watered down cement and sand mixtures through 3 story buildings, all you have to do is make the first trip and you’ll be mixing your concrete right at the worksite.

Other desirable applications
-Zero tools required for disassembly
Easy loading and unloading tipping system
-Telescopic legs for discharge into wheelbarrow or bucket
-Rubber straps for securing the charging hopper during transportation.