Soroto Mixer 80l

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Removable mixer arms for easy cleaning

Adjustable legs for natural discharge

All safety regulations met and exceeded

Option to change out individually worn or damaged paddles


For workers looking for the perfect blend between performance and portability, the Soroto 80 L. Forced Action Mixer is a match made in heaven. This medium mixer comes more than highly recommended for those larger repair jobs as well as building entire houses from the ground up. It’s also one of the most popular choices for contractors carrying out both small and medium scale masonry jobs. The large mixing capacity allows for more production at half the time of smaller forced action mixers.

The specifications of the Soroto 80 L. Forced Action Mixer are as follows: At 1.1 kW, this bad boy offers optimal operation at 230 V. As for the weight, you may need to hit the gym to pull the 88kgs that come with the yellow body. Although the total capacity for the Soroto 80 L. Forced Action Mixer can actually take up 81 liters of mixture, experts advise leaving one liter empty to compensate for the spinning.

However, even while fully packed; the large capacity drum still manages to maintain the whopping speed of 30 revolutions per minute. This guarantees that an array of materials such as cement, sand, and epoxies can be mixed to perfectly homogenous levels. As an added benefit, the design allows for absolutely no air entrapment for even more efficient results. It’s no wonder that the Soroto 80 L. Forced Action Mixer is being touted as the most versatile forced action mixer on the market.

In addition just getting more capacity to work with, the Soroto 80 L. Forced Action Mixer actually improves the quality of your mix significantly. So whether you’re looking to start up a large project or just speed up the construction by a mile, this model is the perfect match for you.