Soroto Spare Parts 300 Litre Mixer

  1. Leakproof cover
  2. Grid funnel
  3. Mixing drum incl chute
  4. Separate frame  
  5. Small wheel - 250mm   5A. Wheel Axle (small wheel)
  6. Large wheel - 400mm   6A Wheel Axle (large wheel)
  7. Discharge chute incl bolts etc
  8. Shut-off incl protective motor switch 7 amp with thermal circuit breaker and O discharger
  9. Power Tap 1 x 230V  16amp
  10. Top Disk
  11. U-Bolt with nut for top disk
  12. Discharge axle
  13. Motor 3 kW 1400/26rpm   1 x 400V   13A Detachable Motor without gear 13B Detachable gear without motor.
  14. Cotter Bolt for wheel axle and branch
  15. Extension leg
  16. Lip chute
  17. Pole including glode coupling  17A Stud bolt for pole
  18. Globe coupling including bolt and nut
  19. Spring for barred funnel  19A D shackle bolt for spring (5mm)
  20. Side power arm (complete)  20A Detachable side paddle with rubber
  21. Middle bottom power arm (complete)
  22. Inner-bottom power arm  (complete)  22A Detachable inner bottom paddle with rubber
  23. Side-bottom power arm (complete) 23A Detachable side bottom paddle with rubber
  24. Mixing blades complete
  25. Bearing for discharge axle


soroto 300 litre listing of spare parts

To Purchase Spare Parts Please Call 0417 267 263