Soroto User Manual-Guide

How to Use and Maintain Your Soroto Mixer

Models 40L – 80L-100L-120L



The Soroto Super Mixers are ideal for the mixing of all materials in the building industry as well as for other mixing tasks where great demands are placed on fast and homogeneous mixing of materials. When mixing cement with stone, only Soroto mixers 80l, 100l,120l with rubber blades can be used.

Before starting ( applies to 40L)

Before starting the mixer, the telescopic legs must be positioned to the required height for draining into a bucket or wheel-barrow. The easiest way of adjusting the legs is to lay the mixer down so it rests on all four wheels. The legs are released or locked with fitted lock splits.

For the 300l mixer;

Adjusting of the legs is made easier if you handle one leg at a time. The easiest way is with 2 people. One person lifts whilst the other adjusts the legs. The legs are released or locked with the lock split.

Before connection of power

Before power is connected, the mixing blades must be set in place, the emptying funnel lowered. The safety net in front of the emptying funnel must be attached.

Operation of the Soroto Mixer

A protective motor switch is fitted onto the mixer with an emergency stop. Under the emergency stop are the push buttons for start and stop operations. Furthermore, in the protective motor switch, a zero voltage releaser is fitted. In case of power failure, the mixer must be re-started.

For 300L Mixer;

The protective motor switch is also fitted with a 230v outlet, e.g for a working light, vacuum cleaner, whisk or conveyor belt.

The motor will not start if the grid funnel is not closed

The mixer is now ready for use. When using bagged materials, the bag is placed on the grid and split open with a cutting tool so the material falls down into the mixing drum, The liquid can then be added.  The machine can tolerate standing still or being run during filling.


Never put your hand or any object into the machine when the mixer is connected to power!


After the concluded mixing time and when the material has achieved the desired consistency, the chute at the bottom of the mixing drum is opened for emptying. Emptying can occur several times, depending on the need. Be aware the the material may never set in the mixing drum.


Since the machine runs during emptying, never put your hand or any object into the machine while it is emptying. Should the machine become jammed, e.g with large stones, ensure that the plug is taken out of the protective motor switch, before removing the obstruction.



Before the mixer is cleaned, the plug must be removed from the socket. The grid funnel is opened and the mixing blades lifted off without using tools. The mixing blades are washed separately. The mixing drum can now be rinsed with a water hose or high pressure cleaner. After cleaning, the mixer blades are fitted and grid funnel closed. Note that water or dirt must not contaminate the axle tower whilst the mixing blades are removed.

Mixing Blades

The four mixing blades are placed at different heights. Replacement and setting of the mixing blades is easily done by loosening the two bolts that hold the blade concerned.


When transporting the mixer, it is recommended that it be set down on the four wheels. The grid funnel must be locked with the fitted rubber strap.

For 300L mixer

When transporting the Jumbo mixer with the traction bar, the traction bar is locked with 2 pin bolts. The traction bar can now be attached to a vehicle. The transport must be carried out at a very slow speed. During transport, the grid funnel must be locked with the fitted rubber strap. When transporting on a truck, the mixer is lifted onto the truck with the help of the three lifting rings that are on the top of the mixing drum. The wheels must be blocked during transport.


When using an extension cable, you must be aware of the following;

  • Never use a longer cable than necessary
  • Always use a cable with a min. dimension of 1mm(sqrd)
  • Never use the cable when it is rolled up. Always roll it out completely.

Emergency stop can always be released without risk to personnel, machine or product. After release of the emergency stop, the defect is remedied and the machine is re-set and started normally. When mixing materials that emit unpleasant or dangerous vapours and /or dust, a leak proof cover lid must be used.



Do not use lead longer than 25 m.

Make sure it is heavy duty lead.

Do not share power points.

When the mix is ready and you do not need it please stop the mixer otherwise the mix gets hot and you wear the blades out for nothing.

Do not use petrol generators not rated to cope with the power demands…its critical that the fuel gauge is monitored at all times. Low fuel levels will compromise the motor of the mixer and will damage it.